Route # 1

Normally, the hiking is part of the package Combo.  However, we offer hiking separately in case the Combo package is of no interest to the group which must be of at least 4 people.

The trail to Pedra Bonita is a very nice one with reforestation areas and a privileged view of the city.
At the beginning, the vegetation is more heavy, with a lower temperature, making a very enjoyable walking. There might be some exposure to the sun and the need to use sunscreen lotion. It is possible to see wild animals such as monkeys, sloths, coatis and exotic birds such as toucans, hawks, parakeets and parrots among many other species. Please bear in mind Forest is a Natural Zoo but we cannot guarantee that all of these species will be viewed. It depends of some luck and goodwill of our forest friends.

At the end of the hiking, you will be able to view the Pedra da Gávea on the horizon.
On the descent, we will stop for a little rest on the ramp of free flight where you will be able to contemplate the exciting takeoffs gliding and paragliding. And more, if you decide to fly on the last minute, we can provide you with our drivers within minutes and for a very special price !

Schedule: The tour takes about 3 hours.

Minimum Age : 14 years old (gliding only above 16 years old).

Included: Transportation and Expert Guide .

Tips : Take proper hiking shoes, plenty of bottled water, use of sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, a cap or hat for hot days  and do not forget your camera !

Departures : Daily upon demand

Route # 2

Let's explore the caves of the Tijuca Forest, where we will  visit the Gruta do Morcêgo (Bat Cave), one of the largest caves Granite (gneiss) in Brazil. We will stop at the Gruta da Surucucu, the recreation area of the Gruta Paulo e Virgínia. We will return to the meeting on a relaxing walk, passing by Mirante Vista do Almirante.

Morro da Urca, Praia da Macumba Beach and Grumari beach (to match).

Price: R$ 150,00 per person.  Groups of 4 or more  - R$ 125,00 per person.