Favela Tour

I - Rocinha:

Come and take a tour with us at the largest and most famous slum in Latin America, Rocinha !!!
During the tour we will make several stops and walks through the narrow streets to acknowledge the daily life of residents, some social community projects as well as beautiful Belvederes.
Rocinha is a neighbourhood in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It´s notable for being the largest slum in Brazil with approximately 180-220 thousand inhabitants (according to information from the President of the Association of Rocinha, Leonardo Rodrigues Lima, known as Leo) . It was created and defined by Law No. 1995 on June 18th 1993, with changes in the boundaries of the neighbourhoods of Gávea, Vidigal and São Conrado.
The slum is located between São Conrado and Gávea, two neighbourhoods with the highest property and urban land taxes in the city. The proximity of these two high class neighbourhoods’ residences and lower-class Rocinha´s shows a great contrast in the urban landscape of the region, which is often mentioned as a symbol of social inequality in Brazil.


Price:  R$ 100, 00 per person with lunch included
R$ 200.00 per person in the Jeep Eco Tour package with lunch included (R$ 180.00 without lunch)

II - Vidigal

Vidigal is a neighbourhood in the South Zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is located between the neighbourhoods of Leblon and São Conrado,  and over Morro Dois Irmãos, stronghold of a variety of animals and plants of the Atlantic. Until the 2000s it was just a slum, but after deportation of the drug traffic the neighbourhood began to have a slow and gradual process of urbanization, taking into consideration both real state and tourism potential.

Regarded by many a postcard of Rio de Janeiro and a good place for fishing, Vidigal was quickly considered a great place to contemplate the sea. In a romantic perspective some people use to say that the sea view from the Vidigal is the most beautiful one in Rio de Janeiro.

Population: 12,790


III - Morro dos Prazeres

Morro dos Prazeres´ slum is situated in the neighbourhood of Santa Tereza, located in the Central Region of the city of Rio de Janeiro (but considered as a neighbourhood in the South Zone).
In January 2011, an UPP was installed in the community (UPP - Pacifying Police Unit) . The origin of the name “Prazeres”, meaning "Pleasures", is a tribute to a Nun (Maria dos Prazeres) who used to pray Masses there.  In this same area was built a small chapel that served as a place of prayer for the community´s residents.  Today there is different building in the same area.

In 2012 was held the first literary fair at the slum Morro dos Prazeres - FLUP

Population 5. 586.

Morro dos Prazeres

Price -Only slum, including three slums

Favela Tour - R$: 200.00 per person with lunch included or R$ 180.00 per person without lunch

Price for groups of 4 or more people with 3 slums included = R$ 180,00 per person